Learn To Dance Bachata...
5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dancing Bachata
Tips For Guys by Carlos Cinta.

1. Don't try too hard to impress the woman. Women don't always want to be spun and dipped and lifted and twirled around. Sometimes they just want a nice smooth relaxed dance. As men we should put the machismo to the side and leave our bachata muscles at home. Imagine how the woman feels after 5 hours of dancing every song being tossed around like a rag doll. A couple songs of that may be ok, but after 5 hours of it....it starts to get old real quick! So, just relax fellas, get your grown and sexy on.

2. Don't forget to be honest with yourself about your dance level. A lot of guys forget to evaluate where they are as leads. Are they a good lead or are they in the early stages of their bachata career? Knowing 1,000 moves is good IF YOU ARE ABLE TO LEAD THEM! But if you are trying to be Ronnie Romance and tearing the girls arm off, maybe we should be realistic about our level of lead and hold off on the more tricky moves.

3. DON'T GIVE HER THE "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WHY AREN'T YOU FOLLOWING MY MOVES" look. Its not her fault.....ITS YOURS. At the same time, we need to be able to gauge the level of the woman we are dancing with. Dancing with a beginner is totally ok....but when you start pulling out all the tricks; thats when its not cool Mainly because you are going to ruin the womans experience of bachata. So if they are just starting out. No problem , stick to the basic and simple stuff.

4. Don't lead your bachata dance partner THROUGH the music, instead learn to dance bachata TO the music. Since we are in the drivers seat, we need to be conscious of what the music is doing and respect the music more.

5. Don't dance like a wild man! Respect the space around you on the dance floor. Don't take huge steps and lead the follow into wild turns when the floor is packed. You are just running her into the backs of other people or you are leading the back of her head into someones elbow. So men, we need to direct traffic on the floor as well. Keep it small, keep it tight, and nobody should get hurt.

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